laser cutting
Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technology offers unlimited contouring freedom as well as high precision and cut quality. It reduced costs per part: It is more economical to cut and bend many parts from sheetmetal than to mill them from solid material.

Mallory Metal implements two (2) Trumpf TruLasers, a 5030 model and a 1030 model. The TruLaser is a dynamic, high-powered, flatbed laser cutting center, and represents Mallory’s on-going commitment to achieving the best results by deploying the best equipment available. Simply put, the Trumpf TruLaser excels in processing parts with the latest in technology and Trumpf reliability.
Trumpf TruLaser 1030


click here to learn more about the Trumpf TruLaser 1030 laser cutter Trumpf-TruLaser-1030-Laser-Cutter