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Air Handlers

sunwest-air-handler Air handlers are used as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning HVAC system. Our air handlers contain a blower, heating and/or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers. Air handlers connect to ductwork that distributes the conditioned air through the building.

Our air handlers deliver comfortable conditioned air throughout your building. It works to circulate cool air in the summer or, when ordered with a heating system, circulates cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

Mallory Manufacturing manufactures SunWest air handler systems to meet all your applications and needs. Mallory manufactures all of its air handlers to the highest industry standards and specifications.
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SunWest Air Handling Units   SunWest Air Handling Units
SunWest Air Washing Units (class 10/12)   SunWest Air Washing Units (class 10/12)
SunWest Air Washing Units (class 2)   SunWest Air Washing Units (class 2)
                                    Air Washing Units (class 3 with Plug Fan Selection)   SunWest Air Washing Units
  (class 3 with Plug Fan Selection)

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SunWest Air Handler
SunWest Air Handler